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12V Off road jeep - Black DKF006

12V Off road jeep - Black DKF006

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12V Off Road JEEP - Black


This awesome 12 volt Jeep is new to the Australian outback and the latest in our range of Kids Cars. This Jeep is packed with features including Remote Control, MP3 Music Player, LED Lights, Music and much more. This "Off Road" Jeep has perfect four wheels spring suspension for an awesome ride and will offer hours of enjoyment with plenty of features on board to keep the kids entertained.

Check the table below for the full specification of this great value Delux range ride on car.

Battery: A fully charged battery should last between 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes depending on the surface the car is riding on & also the weight the car is carrying. The flatter & smoother the surface & the lower the weight, the longer the battery will last.

Warranty: Personal Use: 6 months from receipt of purchase

Warranty: Business Use: 1 month from receipt of purchase


Stickers & Decal are for display purposes only and may vary

Check the table below for the full specification of this great off road ride on car.

Age: 3-8Years
Battery: 1 x 12V7AH rechargeable
Motor: 2 x 35W
Gears: Forward & Reverse
Speed: 3-7kmh/h
Lights: LED
Accelerator: Foot pedal
Brake: Auto
Doors Open: Yes
Bonnet Opens: Yes
Remote Control: Yes
Front & Rear Bumpers: Yes
4 Wheel Spring Suspension: Yes
Key Start: Yes
USB/Radio/SD: Yes
Charger: Yes
MP3/Music/Elec Display: Yes
Size: 141 Long x 91wide x 85 High cm
Max User Weight: 30kg
Battery Life: Approximately 300 charges

Find out more general information about our great ride on cars on our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

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