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8 x 12 Ext Tramp (KIT)

8 x 12 Ext Tramp (KIT)

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Big Air Extreme trampoline range is the ultimate family trampoline; providing the greatest strength and performance. With a heavy duty frame up to 150kg's user weight, special safety padding and upgraded springs for improved energy retention - resulting in extra bounce. This trampoline range means business for the whole family from toddlers to adults. It is durable, precise and for those competent in trampolining it allows a trampolining experience like no other. This is definitely one to consider if the whole family like to use the trampoline as if used responsibly will give them years of bouncing fun!

Rectangular Trampolines
Due to their shape, rectangular trampolines have springs working at different rates providing a more lively bounce. And also due to it's shape it can fit into a garden that might not be suitable for a round trampoline.

Trampoline Specifications
Rectangular Frame Size - 8ft (244cm) x 12ft (366cm)
Bounce Mat Size - 1.95 x 3.09m (6.3ft x 10.1ft)
Frame Height - 28in (78cm)
Springs - 72 All New Extreme Bounce Springs @ 177mm length
Frame - 2.5mm HOT galvanised steel
Max User Weight - 150kg / 24 stone
Safety Padding: PVC, 300g/m2 - Foam Thickness = 24mm
Safety Enclosure - Internal Safety Net.

(See sections below for more information)

trampoline bar

Frame - 2.5mm HOT galvanised steel
These Big Air Extreme trampolines are constructed with seriously strong 2.5mm HOT galvanised steel top frame. The HOT galvanisation process ensures that the trampoline frame sections are galvanised inside and out (unlike most other galvanised frames that are only galvanised on the exterior of the frame). This will ensure the trampoline remains robust for many years and is suitably strong for even the heaviest of users. An extra strong set of box joints at the top of each leg provides huge strength at what is traditionally the weak point of a trampoline.

trampoline springs

Trampoline Springs
72 Galvanised and Zinc plated Extreme Bounce springs with increased helical circumference giving increased bounce for the heaviest of users and maintaining performance for lighter users. This is the optimum number of springs required to give the maximum bounce for an average adult user weight. Spring quality and quantity should be set up dependant on the most common user weight. Generally more/stronger springs are required for heavier users and too many springs can effect performance for lighter users. This spring set up will produce the best all round performance for experienced users. As more experienced users of all weights bounce higher they exert more downward force on the trampoline mat, meaning their effective weight will be much greater than their actual weight. In our years of experience we have tested every possible type of spring set up and have found this is the absolute optimum set up for the average experienced user. It should be noted that many sellers of trampolines add more and more springs as a selling point, whilst this may encourage sales, we believe it is misleading and unethical as it will hinder the trampolines performance unless the user is 16 stone plus.

trampoline bounce mat

Bounce Mat
Bounce mats, the flat surface on which you bounce, were initially made from heavy canvas material. As the use of the trampoline has evolved & increased, the composition of the mat has changed. More modern trampolines typically consist of tightly woven fibres made from polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon. All are strong and durable fabrics with heavy duty stitching to withstand a large amount of usage Big Air Trampoline bounce mats are made with a combination of both polypropylene (PP) & polyethylene (PE) which results in a stronger mat & longer lifespan. Our mats have been treated with UV resistant properties & UV protected to prevent fading when used outdoors. The V rings used to attach the jump mat to the frame are secured with an eight row stitch for extreme durability.

trampoline padding

Safety Padding
Big Air Extreme trampolines use high quality, highly flexible, black UV treated covers to ensure the padding will remain intact after years of outdoor use. All Big Air Trampoline safety padding uses a special shock absorbing closed cell polyethylene to provide protection from the trampoline frame and springs. There is an extra thick layer of padding around the edge to provide added protection from the hard steel frame of the trampoline.

trampoline stitching

Safety Enclosure
This Big Air Trampoline safety net frame is manufactured from 16 gauge HOT galvanised steel. We have found that although more expensive to manufacture this design of safety net is far sturdier.

safety netting

Safety Netting
The mesh of the safety net is made from super strong and flexible Terylene thread and the intelligent design uses a free standing net to minimalise the risk of accidents involving the upright posts. The netting also attached to the rings of the bounce mat ensuring little hands cannot get to the springs. The netting is sourced from a company that manufacture deep sea fishing netting and is both UV Treated and weather resistant. The net incorporates PVC covers that slide over the enclosure poles protecting the foam and ensuring the longevity and safety of the trampoline. The safety netting entrance is closed with a thick zipper and further secured with plastic clasps. The zipper can be opened from inside and outside the trampoline enclosure. The plastic claps can only be easily opened from outside the trampoline enclosure.


Trampoline Warranty and Standards
5 year warranty on all frame parts. All other parts are subject to the standard Big Air Trampolines warranty.
GS/TUV Certification comes as standard on all Big Air Trampolines.

trampoline frame

Max User Weight - 150kg / 24 stone
Big Air Extreme trampolines are the industry heavyweights with a maximum user weight of 150kg, 24 Stone. We do not recommend use of trampolines for multiple users as such no multiple user weight is given.

trampoline tools

Trampoline Construction
Simple construction is required using the instruction manual for guidance. All tools and fixings required are included with the trampoline package.

Trampoline Delivery
Please see our Shipping Policy page for further details.

Door to door courier is available on all items across Australia.

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